We offer one on one Online Xero Training based on the needs of our clients.

Our training is offered online and live. We meet online in our Virtual Training room.

You control the content of the training. We cover the topics of your choice.

Booked by the hour. We find one hour is just the right length of time.


Xero Training Booking Procedure:

  1. Book your training session on a day and time convenient for you.
  2. You will receive a calendar invite which includes a link to our online Virtual Training Room.
  3. We email you an invoice for training session.
  4. Just prior to your session time, click on the link to our online Virtual Training Room.
  5. We share screens with you and use the Demo Company OR your Xero Business Account to walk you through each topic of your choice.

Book your 1 hour Xero Training Session today




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