We are BAS Agents and ServiceM8 Certified Partners and assist with ServiceM8 setup and Xero Integration.

We specialize in the the development of customized ServiceM8 templates and forms to suit the needs and workflow of your business.

Completing ServiceM8 forms is quick and easy. Smart mobile forms for Tradies and field staff.

ServiceM8 templates and forms ensure no time is wasted on hard copy forms, making your business paperless and much more efficient. Deliver consistent and quality service to your clients.

Run your business from anywhere – anytime

Stop missing client appointments

See where your staff at at and what they are doing

Store photo evidence of jobs

Keep your customers in the loop

Quote and Invoice in the field


  • Provide field staff with access to your business forms anywhere, anytime on every job from their Iphone or Ipad.
  • Ensure compliance with Government regulations.
  • Ensure staff provide consistent, quality service using checklists

ServiceM8 Smart Forms for field staff

ServiceM8 Templates and Forms:

  • Work Checklists
  • OHS Risk Assessments
  • Industry Compliance Forms
  • Job Site Analysis
  • Compliance Certificate
  • Safety Spot Checks
  • Monthly Vehicle Safety Checklist
  • Pest Inspection Reports
  • Dial before you dig

ServiceM8 Job Scheduling for Tradies

Benefits of ServiceM8 Templates and Forms:

  • No more paperwork
  • No more lost quotes or invoice
  • Signatures captured on screen and saved to the form
  • Forms completed by field staff and viewed in real time by office staff
  • Forms emailed to customers, staff and suppliers
  • Search for past forms in seconds
  • On the job checklists including built in workflow for efficiency
  • Systematic procedures followed consistently
  • No need for backups as your data is stored safely in the cloud

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