Insert your Logo into your Xero docx Template

Prior to importing your new Xero docx Template into Xero. Ensure you have included your company logo.

Click on the small graphic on the top right of your template. This will open your browser. Find and insert your company logo and resize if required.

  Image 1

Xero Docx Template – How to upload into Xero

From your Dashboard go to the Settings Menu

Choose General Settings

Image 2

In the Features section Choose Invoice Settings

Image 3

From the New Branding Theme drop down menu choose Custom .docx

Image 4


Give your New Branding Theme a name e.g. New Custom Template

Image 5

Your New Custom Template importer can be found at the bottom of your screen.

This can be dragged and dropped to the top for convenience.

On the right side of the importer click on the Upload button

Image 6

A box will appear with more options. Click on the:

  • Invoice button to upload a Xero Invoice
  • Credit Note button to upload a Credit Note
  • Statement button to upload a Statement

This will open your browser where you can find the appropriate Xero docx Template to import.

Image 7

Xero Docx Template – How to update your Branding Themes

This method will show you have to update your branding themes

Example : Xero Invoice Template

Open a Sales Invoice

Click on Invoice Options (drop down menu) and choose Edit.

Image 8

Click on the Branding (drop down menu) and choose your New Custom Template.

Image 9

Click on Update to save the new Branding Theme.

If you still experience any issues uploading your template/s please contact Virtual Assistant on Call for online support. An additional fee is applicable.

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