Eway - Xero Add-On

Online invoice payments in real time with Pay Now!

Add-on Partner of the Year Award Xerocon Feb 2014

In 2013 eWAY and Xero partnered to help small to medium businesses improve cash flow by introducing a single click, PAY NOW option on invoices.

eWAY’s integration of payment services within Xero has been game changing- allowing many businesses to greatly reduce their receivable days through real time payments.

The power of Xero’s online invoicing coupled with eWAY’s real time credit card processing is a sure way to help businesses reduce debtor days and improve cash flow.

Simply email the invoice link from Xero to your customers, they click PAY NOW and enter their credit card details, you then receive your invoice payment the next business day, and the invoice is marked in Xero as paid. It’s that quick and easy!

The benefits of using PAY NOW

eWAY and Xero combined saves you time and therefore money. No more chasing invoices, hours on the phone or customers telling you they haven’t received the invoice. Using Xero and eWAY together means:

  • getting paid faster
  • reduced debtor days
  • invoice tracking…and
  • improving your cash flow!


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