Insightly CRM + Xero Integration

The best CRM for small business

Try it and love your Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM is a powerful and easy to use project managements system for small business. Insightly + Xero, offer a complete solution for small business. From early communication to sales, invoicing and payment.

  • Connect all your events, notes, files, contacts and organisations to a single project
  • Powerful Integration with email, Google Apps and Office 365
  • Manage your leads and contacts
  • Record all business Opportunities
  • Convert Opportunities to Projects
  • Customise your project milestones and workflow
  • Setup up recurring tasks to save you time
  • Insightly integrates your Contacts with Xero
  • Create and push Insightly invoices into Xero
  • Mobilise your business with a Solution that Works for You – Android, Google Nexus, Iphone
  • Integrates with Evernote, Mailchimp, Social Media channels + more

  Small business management CRM         Insightly CRM - Perfect for Small Business

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