Tidy Stock Partner

Tidy Stock is an Inventory Management System integrating seamlessly with Xero and Tidy Work. Making stock control easy.

Are you currently using an outdated or manual system to record your stock movements?
Is the management of your stock complex and time intensive?
Do you find large discrepancies during stock takes?
Do you and your team have easy access to the internet?
Are you looking for a simple and easy to use online management system?
Are you looking for a reasonably priced pay-as-you-use system?

Tidy Stock

  • Managed stock – best practice accounting, perpetual stock method and average cost
  • Unmanaged stock – track quickly and informally
  • Material categories and items – unlimited SKUs
  • Bulk data CSV import and export
  • Manage and track stock in multiple locations
  • Create and manage purchase orders including split receipts
  • Receipt purchase orders line-by-line and apportion freight
  • Transfer stock between locations
  • Produce packing slips and sales quotes
  • Automatically push invoices from TidyStock into Xero
  • Dashboard: reorder warnings, average margin, stock turns, days of sales in inventory, etc
  • Price tiers, quantity and customer specific pricing
  • Bill of materials/product assemblies
  • Adjust stock levels manually
  • Multi-currency
  • Developer API

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