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We offer offsite bookkeeping, customised Xero templates and one on one Xero training anywhere in Australia. We help you streamline business processes by minimising the time you spend on administration.

What is an Offsite Bookkeeper?

An Offsite Bookkeeper is an industry professional who provides a comparable service, the same as you would expect of an onsite bookkeeper, except the work is performed offsite, not in your office. Handy for small businesses in remote regional areas of Australia. We are based in Australia and do not off-shore your financial records.

The benefits of working with an offsite bookkeeper:

  • You don’t need to pay for travel time.
  • Accessible to businesses in remote areas of Australia.
  • Receive the same professional service.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly bookkeeping services available.

How do I meet with my Offsite Bookkeeper?

Meeting regularly with your Offsite Bookkeeper is easy. A phone or Skype  call. During meetings we share share screens with you to collaborate on various bookkeeping matters. If you are a Sunbury local, we will meet face to face at my office.

How does my Offsite Bookkeeper offer training?

We offer customised online Xero Training using easy to use cloud based screen share software. We arrange a time convenient for you and email you a meeting link prior to the training session. Simply sit back in the comfort of your armchair using your device and enjoy.

How does my Offsite Bookkeeper access my Xero Account?

You invite us into your Xero Account.

How can I send my financial documents to my Offsite Bookkeeper?

You simply email your financial documents such as supplier invoices, statements and expense receipts directly into your Xero business account using Xero Files. You can also ‘drag and drop‘ multiple invoices into Xero at one time. Never again will you need to look for paperwork for your accountant, end of year. Your Offsite bookkeeper will attach the relevant invoices and receipts to each of your Xero transactions during the Bank Reconciliation process. Xero accepts many formats, Excel, Word, PDF & JPG. Watch the video to learn more.

How do I share other documents with my Offsite Bookkeeper?

Should you wish to store all your financial documents on your computer in a folder, we can help you set up a ‘cloud’ based folder for this purpose, which will:

  • Give you easy access to your documents on your desktop / laptop
  • Give you the ability to share your folder with us
  • Back up your folder to the ‘cloud’ to ensure a copy of these documents are off site

There are many other cloud based storage providers that offer FREE storage such as Google Drive who offer free storage up to 15 G. You may already be using a Cloud Based file storage provider.

Will I be able to invoice my customers?

Absolutely. You can jump into your account on your PC, or even access Xero on your phone (IPhone or Android). Invoicing your clients has never been easier using Xero Touch. Improve you cashflow and invoice your clients before leaving their premises.

Your Accountant can be invited to access your Xero Business Account.


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