Up to date information received from Xero today… How Xero is getting you SuperStream Ready.

Xero Payroll Release

A new release of Payroll in Xero went live today, giving your employees a complete list of regulated superannuation funds to choose from.

As you may know, to meet the ATO’s SuperStream requirements, all regulated superannuation funds must have a new identifier – a unique superannuation identifier (USI) – that replaces the SPIN.

This update to Payroll in Xero is here to help you get SuperStream ready: the superannuation settings page lets you select a fund with a USI.

The deadline for being SuperStream compliant varies depending on the number of employees you have. While you’ve got plenty of time to get things sorted, why not get on top of your super obligations now to avoid any last minute hassles.

To find out more about Getting SuperStream Ready from the ATO and upgrade your Xero account today which includes Xero Auto Super.

Imagine the time you save. If you are already on the $50 per month plan it’s a ‘no brainer’, just $10 more per month. Updade today!



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Xero is getting you SuperStream ready