Xero’s Release ‘Inventory Tracking’ will easily track the quantity and value of your inventory on hand.

Check out which inventory items are your biggest sellers. Obtain real-time stock valuation.

Set up your inventory in Xero:

  • Import your inventory items in bulk – Xero provides an import template for this purpose which can be downloaded
  • Attach an image to each inventory item
  • Perform a stock take at the end of the month
  • Enter the opening balances for each item into Xero

Xero keeps track of the average value of each item based on the purchases made.

Each item includes a full history of purchases and sales and adjusts your quantity accordingly.

Information about your Inventory Item will include:

  1. Quantity on hand
  2. Average Cost
  3. Total Value
  4. Committed – Quotes
  5. Quantity – On Order

Inventory Item Details Report:

  1. Sale Price
  2. Value Movement
  3. Quantity on Hand Movement
  4. Margin
  5. Profit per Item

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Xero’s Release ‘Inventory Tracking’
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